Wedding Packages

Most behind the lens anticipate the precise moments when their subjects are neatly framed and surroundings firmly under control. Jeannie Frey Rhodes finds the spaces in between far more interesting.

Since 1997, she has operated in the realm of reality, documenting people, places and events with a style that favors spontaneity over staging, personality over the pose. She is adept at building the trust required to become an unobtrusive observer. And the results are captivating.

Rhodes focuses her talent on capturing honest, unrehearsed moments. While her specialty is black and white, Rhodes' digital equipment enables her to provide color images, too. A seasoned and sought-after wedding photographer, she strives to document the details that -left to one's own memory -are often blurred by the sheer activity and emotion of the day. The laughter, the nervousness, the joy and the tears, in moments large or small, are simply too precious to be forgotten. Jeannie helps brides and grooms remember all of it.

The Bridal Portrait



(These packages are no longer current, effective Feb 1, 2019.)


PACKAGE #1 includes six hours coverage of the wedding day, online proofing, and a flash drive of images with personal usage agreement. Engagement and bridal sittings are complimentary. $5900

PACKAGE #2 includes package #1 plus a 40 image bridal album and an 11x14 framed bridal portrait. $7900

PACKAGE #3 includes package #1 plus two additional hours of coverage (8 hours total), a 60-image bridal album, a 40-image parents' album, and an 11x14 framed bridal portrait. $10,200

PACKAGE #4 includes package #1 plus two additional hours of coverage (8 hours total), a 80-image bridal album, a 40-image parents' album, and an 16x20 framed bridal portrait. $11,100

$2500 reserves your date; your deposit and signed contract lock in your fee schedule; your deposit is nonrefundable; the balance is due 30 days before the wedding


General Information and Policies

A $125 per hour travel fee, flight accommodations and hotel accommodations, including parking and $150 food per diem, are in addition to any other fees.

Accommodations at the bride’s hotel and transportation to and from the ceremony are required for weddings outside Baton Rouge.

A credit card on file is required for incidental charges, including shipping, additional hours and additional photo orders.

All major credit cards accepted.

Any album can be assembled the traditional way with individual photographs, or can be made as a flush-mount book.

My photojournalism influence means that I will capture a large number of moments from your day. My fine art style means that your images will receive a great deal of personal time and attention. Because of this attention, our custom image and album design process takes time. Production schedules vary due to time of year and other factors.

Further customization of packages is available.

More details included in wedding contract.

From engagement to wedding to first child to growing family,

Jeannie is there throughout life's biggest moments.