About Jeannie


Most behind the lens anticipate the precise moments when their subjects are neatly framed and surroundings firmly under control. Jeannie Frey Rhodes finds the spaces in between far more interesting.

Since 1997, she has operated in the realm of reality, documenting people, places and events with a style that favors spontaneity over staging, personality over the pose. While her specialty is black and white, Rhodes' digital equipment enables her to provide color images, too. She is adept at building the trust required to become an unobtrusive observer. And the results are captivating.

Rhodes focuses her talent on capturing honest, unrehearsed moments across three primary areas - weddings, portraiture and animals. A seasoned and sought-after wedding photographer, she strives to document the details that - left to one's own memory - are often blurred by the sheer activity and emotion of the day. The laughter, the nervousness, the joy and the tears, in moments large or small, are simply too precious to be forgotten. Jeannie helps brides and grooms remember all of it.

As a portrait artist, particularly with children, Rhodes enters a physical environment familiar to her subjects and allows them to act freely and naturally within it. The intimacy of this approach draws out a range of emotion and display of personality rarely captured during traditional portrait sittings. And her gentle way with animals and pets turn their irresistible individuality toward her embracing lens.